Week of September 27, 2022


Start of the Year

We were so grateful to have so many of our mentors launch with their youth in a special way last week. 

Whether your youth showed lots of excitement, or gave you a shy smile, please know that your presence makes a tremendous difference in their life. 

A shout out to our wonderful Site Coordinators who worked hard to make your first connections smooth!

Using the button below, please be sure to watch the back to service video if you have not already done so!

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Weekly Guidance on our highlighted Developmental Asset:

As you reconnect with your student, your Site Coordinator has an optional activity to engage around "Positive Family Communication."


You may choose to ask: "With whom in your family would you speak if you had a concern or problem?"

#2 Positive Family Communication

Optional Weekly Project:

Ask your Site Coordinator about this week's optional project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I haven't heard from my Site Coordinator.  What should I do?

A:  Your Site Coordinator has been working to coordinator your student's availability.  If you have not yet heard from her, your youth may not have a defined schedule at school.  Feel free to reach out to your Site Coordinator at your convenience for details. 

Q:  Can I see my youth outside the school day this year?

A:  Just a reminder that Mentors are not permitted to transport / share phone numbers, social media, or addresses with their students.  Although you cannot individually meet your youth outside of your mentor session without your Site Coordinator, you ARE; however, welcome to show up for their sport or concert, (public events) or attend an upcoming OHuddle field trip.  Ask your Site Coordinator about opportunities to connect in creative ways.  

Q:  I didn't hear back from my mentee this summer.  Did they get my mail?

A:  Yes!  Correspondence was send to all mentees.  We even saw many over the summer and they confirmed receiving your mail!  Thank you for loving on them!

Floor is Lava

Every child was gifted a free Floor is Lava Run in August!  Check out how hot this Orrville Fundraiser was in the video below!

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 6.03.41 PM.png

OHuddle Sustaining membership helps to sponsor the cost of Site Coordination for our youth.  

See the below details about your discounted membership as a mentor!


Learn more about the OHuddle Hours in your building at the button below.  Keep in mind, even if you are not scheduled for mentorship on an OHuddle Hour day, you are welcome to come to your building for the session and takeaway.  We appreciate all you do for our students!


2022-23 Schedule to come!

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Teacher and Student

Online Mentor Page

Use the password Mentor22 to access this password protected page

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Contact Sara

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