Week of May 9, 2021


Thank you

In this, our last week of school-based mentoring for the school year, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for how you stuck by your mentee.  Through a million school schedule changes, quarantines, and adjustments, you showed grace and moved mountains to prioritize your student. 

Never underestimate the power that your commitment has in the life of your child.  For years we have seen fruit from the seeds you have planted.  Kids who "seemed fine" or acted "Indifferent" towards mentorship showed us; under the surface, that they were anything but uninterested.

As we walk towards summer, please take a moment to finalize a plan with your Site Coordinator if you would like to see your youth over the break.  We look forward to resuming school based service with you on September 20th 2021.  Again, thank you for everything!


Play it Clean 

Whether through a virtual hangout or during your face to face session, online games can be a great way to reduce risk of germs while staying engaged. 


Below are some suggested online activities to align to our Asset of the Week:

Safety measures for our volunteers.

OHuddle will follow evolving safety guidelines from schools, the state, and the CDC.  The below "OHuddle Covid Protocol" button outlines requirements for mentors who are meeting in person.


Weekly Guidance on our highlighted Developmental Asset:

This week, as we talk about POSITIVE BELIEF OF PERSONAL FUTURE consider asking your youth: "What does it mean to have hope about your future?  What are you looking forward to?"

#40 Positive View of Personal Future.png

Optional Weekly Project:

Have your youth write a letter to their future self.  Encourage them to describe who they are now and who they will be.  Hold on to the letter for you or their Site Coordinator to give to them in the future. 


Don't Forget:

Step #1

As we walk towards summer planning, it is paramount that every mentor completes the survey texted to you last week.  Here is another link for the survey:

Step #2

Only after you complete your survey should you start conversation with your youth about summer options for service. If you have completed step one, click the link below:


What's going on this week?

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 5.53.49 PM.png

OHuddle is launching a membership system!  And all OHuddle Mentors receive a 50% membership discount. 


Can you become a sustaining member for $15 per year?  

Find out more about benefits from being in the member huddle below:


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Contact Sara

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