Week of April 12, 2021


Empowering our Youth to become Agents of Change

This week almost a dozen youth plan to meet at the OHuddle House to embark on a new journey to leverage their leadership to promote equity and inclusion in Wayne County.  Are  you interested in joining the conversation with your youth?  Will you pray with us for these leaders?

Summer Service Planning

Step #1

As we walk towards summer planning, it is paramount that every mentor completes the survey texted to you last week.  Here is another link for the survey:

Step #2

Only after you complete your survey should you start conversation with your youth about summer options for service. If you have completed step one, click the link below:


Play it Clean 

Whether through a virtual hangout or during your face to face session, online games can be a great way to reduce risk of germs while staying engaged. 


Below are some suggested online games to align to our Asset of the Week:

Safety measures for our volunteers.

OHuddle will follow evolving safety guidelines from schools, the state, and the CDC.  The below "OHuddle Covid Protocol" button outlines requirements for mentors who are meeting in person.


Weekly Guidance on our highlighted Developmental Asset:

This week, as we talk about EQUALITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE consider asking your youth: "Tell me about something you felt or saw that was unfair What are some ways you could use your talents to make the community a more fair place?"

Optional Weekly Project:

Encourage your child to brainstorm how they might do something to improve the lives of someone else. Is there a letter or volunteer activity you could do together?

In addition to our equity council (featured above), OHuddle has organized various volunteer opportunities through the summer.  Sign up to help at the OHuddle House at the button below or see your Site Coordinator about how your youth can plug in.

Don't Forget:

Have you done the below yet?  Please do and give your Site Coordinator the score!

Have students fill out the below Resilience Scale.  Score it together and discuss what it means.  Give a copy to your Site Coordinator so we can add it to DataLongLegs.


What's going on this week?

OHuddle is launching a membership system!  And all OHuddle Mentors receive a 50% membership discount. 


Can you become a sustaining member for $15 per year?  

Find out more about benefits from being in the member huddle below:


Teacher and Student

Online Mentor Page

Use the password Mentor22 to access this password protected page

Typing on Computer

Facebook Stories

Connect on Facebook to share daily stories of impact. 


Contact Sara

Email Sara, Heather, or your Site Coordinator with needs. 

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