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Start of 2023-24 School Year


Week of December 4th

Abuse is a difficult topic to unpack.  In this short video, we want to arm you with the basics of how to look for red flags to keep our children safe. 

When you finish watching an OHuddle training video, please click the button below to confirm that you've watched it.  Mentors who confirm watching at least 3 training videos over the next several months will be sent a gift card in the mail supported by OSU continuing education.  

All of other other video content can be accessed at using the password Mentor22.  Watch and submit 

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An additional gift card is available for a limited time for those mentors who have completed 2 exit slips in a row.  Please talk to your Site Coordinator this week if you have questions.  Exit slips are key to our grant writing and service coordination for Mentored youth!

Finally, we are still in need of Volunteer Elves for the Cocoa Express!  Bring your friends or family for a few hours to volunteer 12/9 at our inaugural Santa Train.  All Elementary Mentees were gifted free tickets!


Weekly Guidance on our highlighted Developmental Asset:

See the graphic below for a highlight of the asset we are fostering in service this week. 

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Optional Weekly Project:

Ask your Site Coordinator about this week's optional project.


This fundraiser is being provided by Miss Amy on behalf of OHuddle Inc.

Purchase a $50 Cupcake Card to "spread the sparkle" and make Mentorship sustainable in Wayne County. 

Cards may be purchased at the link below, or in Miss Amy's Bakery during regular business hours.   

A limited number of cards are available.  Click below to make your purchase!

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Learn more about the OHuddle Hours in your building at the button below.  Keep in mind, even if you are not scheduled for mentorship on an OHuddle Hour day, you are welcome to come to your building for the session and takeaway.  We appreciate all you do for our students!


2022-23 Schedule updated!  Scroll down at the link below to mark your calendar for your building's OHuddle Hours this year!

OHuddle Sustaining membership helps to sponsor the cost of Site Coordination for our youth.  

See the below details about your discounted membership as a mentor!


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Teacher and Student

Online Mentor Page

Use the password Mentor22 to access this password protected page

Typing on Computer

Facebook Stories

Connect on Facebook to share daily stories of impact. 


Contact Sara

Email Sara, Heather, or your Site Coordinator with needs. 

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