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Service Coordination for the "Whole Child"


Leveraging Community Talent


to promote student engagement

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OHuddle is passionate about mobilizing communities to wrap support around their school district.  By engaging volunteer mentors to meet with school-nominated students, OHuddle is able to leverage community talent and resources to serve schools.  These partnerships expand to impact building culture through resource development, data management, service coordination, intervention planning, and teacher self-care.  All service is informed with evidence-based practice.  


OHuddle partners with invested school districts to support a dedicated Site Coordinator in each of the buildings we serve.  Site Coordinators train and supervise up to 80 mentor-student relationships with the goal for the same mentor to serve the same student in recurrent years.  Click the links below to learn more about the many facets of OHuddle Mentorship. 


OHuddle develops and manages website resources for the Wayne Resiliency Network to promote trauma informed care



OHuddle hosts monthly "Community Huddle" data meetings in each building to service coordinate for each student using intuitive software called DataLongLegs



OHuddle promotes "OHuddle Hour" self-care sessions for teachers, mentors, and community partners in each school building served.



In addition to evidence-based programming using the 40 Developmental Assets, OHuddle provides Professional Development and Research Based Intervention resources to support student engagement


Districts Served

Orrville City Schools

Green Local Schools

Wooster City Schools

Rittman Exempted Village Schools

Triway Local Schools

Wayne County Career Center

Southeast Local Schools

Norwayne Local Schools

Starting the School Year

Frequently Asked Questions



Do you serve students outside of OHuddle partnered districts?

OHuddle only serves students in the districts in which we have formal partnerships.  This ensures that the student will be able to benefit from the layered communication and system approach for robust evidence-based service.  If we were to serve every youth referred from every district, we would lack the transportation and resource capacity for sustainable programming.  The only exception is for youth who move to another district.... we will do everything possible to stay with youth in our area who still want to meet with the mentor from their former school. 



How are services funded in partnering schools?

OHuddle fundraises and writes grants in partnership with each school district to foster sustainable mentorship service.  Ensuring a long term plan of programming is key to successful intervention.  No fundraising or grant dollars are spent for OHuddle Hours or youth / mentor incentives.  Everything supplementary to direct mentorship service is provided as an in-kind gift by churches and businesses.



What ages do you serve?

OHuddle has a history of serving K-12 youth.  However, because most grants are targeted to secondary students and because we do not want to disrupt service prior to graduation, many schools are served at Middle and HS levels.

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Meeting State Requirements

OHuddle meets the partnership requirements extended by ODE's 5 year "Each Child Our Future" strategic plan.  Serving the state's expectations that schools promote equitable access to real-world asset development and social-emotional learning opportunities, OHuddle uses research-based principles to meet strategies 7 and 10. 

Involvement with a 1:1 volunteer mentor, who follows the students throughout their career, has yielded an average 75% attendance improvement, 77% reduction in discipline, and 23% academic improvement for students served by OHuddle.


By creating evidence-based resource toolkits towards academic intervention as well as graduation opportunities such as the "Ohio Means Job Seal of Approval," OHuddle also provides a means for community members to provide advanced career and college readiness opportunities for students served with mentors.  

Finally, OHuddle's rich data collection reports are individualized for each district and ease the burden of state-mandated CCIP reporting for schools.

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