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& Projects

Thank you so much for reaching out to OHuddle with an offer of support for a specific project.  

Please see the list below regarding our current needs.  Your time and contribution will support hundreds of mentored youth in Wayne County!

OHuddle works hard to ensure that we do not duplicate services with other nonprofit partners.  If you don't see a resource that meets the project requirements for your team, please reach out.  We will be happy to direct you to another agency in need.

I want to give away food:

If you are passionate about donating food, we are grateful for donations of family sized frozen meals that can be shared with mentees, teachers, or mentors.  Click on the button to the left for instructions. 


OHuddle already works with amazing food partners to send backpacks of food home and to organize pick ups of groceries. See the list here for reference or contact. 

I want to give away materials:

If you want to fulfill a special project need, OHuddle regularly produces projects like sensory kits, games, and STEAM projects in connection with the needs of our youth and requests from our schools. Click the button to the left to purchase from our list of needs. 

I want to bring a team of
volunteers to help on a specific day:

OHuddle regularly has event days for volunteers who can not regularly mentor to serve as a volunteer.  Sign up at the link to the left. 

I want to meet the greatest possible need:

OHuddle's greatest need is for sustainable support for mentorship.  Engaging your service group or organization to sponsor the cost of mentorship supervision for a youth is a tremendous blessing to us.  See sponsorship levels below for details.


Other ideas?

Would you prefer to be represented as a sponsor of an upcoming event?  Or partner in another way

Contact Sara at

Want to mail your sponsorship?  Our mailing address is:

969 1/2 Blachleyville Rd. Wooster OH 44691.  Please make checks out to OHuddle.

Thank you for your consideration of support!

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