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Ensuring a spectrum of responsive service delivery


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Mentoring programs



Open to All

OHuddle meets as a youth group for field trips throughout the year. During this time, mentees meet their mentors at various locations to enjoy new experiences, dinner, and opportunity for worship.

All youth have the opportunity to participate in "Neighborhood Huddle," an amazing race style project that engages kiosks and an asset based project at 40 businesses in the Wayne County area. 



Available to students nominated by the school

OHuddle is a 1:1 mentorship program connecting volunteer mentors to nominated youth.  Mentorship is guided by evidence based practice and occurs for approximately one hour per week during a non-academic time within the school day.  OHuddle Site Coordinators staff the OHuddle office in their school building daily and are available to supervise, coach, and service coordinate mentorship for up to 80 mentor / student matches per building. 

To guide the mentoring process, O-Huddle uses instruction from the “40 Developmental Assets” developed by Search Institute.

Nominate your child for mentorship by reaching out to their school counselor to request service. 

Become A Mentor

Remember that one person in your life who made the difference?  The one who always believed in you and who you were excited to tell your best news?  


Many children grow without knowing that experience.  Why not become that one person to them?

Click the below circle to sign up for one of our trainings. 


Questions?  Contact Heather Warner, our Director of Operations at





Available to youth evidencing need for multiple services


OHuddle partners with a variety of mental health and social service agencies.  Monthly, we host service coordination meetings using software called DataLongLegs to progress monitor student growth according to the school perspective. 

In order to be responsive to student need, OHuddle partners with Encompass Christian Counseling to offer Case Management service for eligible youth.  Case management provides treatment services as directed by a therapist and therapeutic plan.  Case managers promote skill building opportunities during and outside of the school day to improve asset development.

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