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Asset Based Projects


"It was the best day of my life."    - Cinderella Youth

Fairy Godmothers

Positive Values

Annually, OHuddle hosts a Fairy Godmothers event by inviting nominated girls from OHuddle served districts to select a ball gown and accessories with the help of a "Fairy Godmother."  Girls are treated to hair and makeup treatments, a key note presentation, and lunch with a guest of their choice.  At the conclusion of the event, youth are presented to their community.  

This powerful day is community sponsored. 

OHUDDLE Youth Group

 Constructive Use of Time

OHuddle is dedicated to providing an on ramp for any student interested in becoming involved in the OHuddle program.  

To practice our faith-based values, we provide a family style dinner the first and third Monday of each month.  All family members are welcome to attend and mentees are invited to meet with their mentor.

OHuddle provides transportation and an activity aligned with the 40 Developmental Assets!

"I love going to church."   

- Youth Group Student

"I was able to buy my mom a birthday present with my work paycheck!"



Service to Others

OHuddle facilitates soft skill development through mentor managed vocational programming.  Students sort, launder, and organize a clothing closet for district wide use, promoting social equity to students. 

Candidates for the vocational program must interview and sign a contract.  They are able to participate in work on a weekly basis by evidencing passing grades and no disciplinary infractions for the day.  They are rated based upon work performance and paid monthly in gift cards.


 Caring School Climate

OHuddle Hour is a weekly lunch-time series provided to promote rest and relaxation to teachers and mentors serving OHuddle students.  Self care has a significant impact on capacity to care for others.

OHuddle Hour reduces the toll secondary stress has on our caregivers, thus improving the experience for students as well.  

"This has changed our building culture for the better."   

- Teacher

"Let me know when he is ready for a job.  He exhibits the values I'd like to hire."   -- Local CEO



Sense of Purpose

OHuddle hosts a leadership day camp for 6th through 12th grade mentees nominated based upon their positive assets. 

Chosen leaders receive transportation, lunch, and presentations by notable community leaders.  



 field Trips

Positive Belief of Personal Future

Student graduates of OHuddle Leader Camp have the opportunity to participate in the Golden Circle Field Trips.  Learn about these and other summer opportunities for our mentees. 

"I can't believe I get to meet him."   

- Golden Circle Student

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