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Summer Programming

Promoting Constructive Use of Time

OHuddle cares about promoting structured opportunities for your mentee.  Below are some of the systems we have put into place to help you to support your student with opportunities that match with their interests this summer.


Inventory your student to inquire about their interests in participating in summer opportunities in their area.


  Your OHuddle Site Coordinator has printed applications for all Wayne County summer programming.  She can assist you in filling out the form with your mentee, soliciting scholarships and securing parent signatures


Nominate your student for OHuddle Leader camp!    You may choose to attend any half hour each of the three days.  5 students will be chosen from each district for camp.


Students who graduate from the Leader Camp will have the opportunity to participate in our Golden Circle Field Trips. 

Linked to the Golden Circle Dinner, students will meet area leaders in their place of business to hear about their mentor and journey towards asset development.


Meet your student for dinner at OHuddle's Youth Group the 1st or 3rd Monday of each month over the summer.  Play outside, eat, and continue your relationship through the summer months.

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